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Chapter 26: No Time for Goodbyes

Today in the adventures of Guan Yu, Yuan Shao sends his new best general Wen Chuo to get revenge for the death of Yan Liang. Unfortunately, Guan Yu mercs him too, and Cao Cao gets another win over Yuan Shao. More importantly, Liu Bei was actually accompanying Wen Chuo as his rearguard, and he saw Guan Yu's banners. So Liu Bei knows Guan Yu is alive and with Cao Cao now.

Guan Yu eventually runs into one of Liu Bei's old advisors who confirms, yeah, he's with Yuan Shao, shall I tell him you're coming? Assuming Yuan Shao hasn't decapitated him over you killing his generals?

Zhang Liao pops by Guan Yu's place for a brewski and says, "Hey, I heard you got news of your brother. I... guess that means you'll be going now."
"I will," says Guan Yu.
"Is being with Liu Bei really that important?" asks Zhang Liao. "I mean, what's he have that I don't?"
Guan Yu tells him, "Look, I like you, Zhang Liao. But just as a friend."

Zhang Liao is apparently hurt by this, so he doesn't answer the door when Guan Yu eventually comes to say goodbye. Cao Cao doesn't answer his door either, figuring that Guan Yu would be too honorable to leave without a proper farewell... except that Guan Yu doesn't actually care, because the agreement was that he was going to peace out the instant he knew where Liu Bei was, and that's what he's going to do. So he throws Liu Bei's wives into a briefcase, leaves behind all of Cao Cao's gifts (but keeps Red Hare), and begins his epic road trip that I will in no way do justice to.

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