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Chapter 81: So Much for Zhang Fei's Character Arc

Okay, enough dicking around now. Liu Bei finally decides that Sun Quan is gonna die for what happened to Guan Yu, and he prepares to mobilize the army.

Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, and so many others try all sorts of ways to talk him out of it. But Liu Bei says, yo, forget all y'all, lemme get my boy Zhang Fei in here to see what he thinks.

Zhang Fei naturally agrees, oh yeah, avenging our brother is way more important than everything else, including that guy up north who literally just overthrew the Han last chapter. Liu Bei says "word" and assigns Zhang Fei to the vanguard, telling him to go get his troops and meet up with him later.

There's a slight hitch in that plan. And by slight hitch, I mean Zhang Fei gets drunk and thrashes some guys who didn't meet his three-day deadline for equipping the entire army. So when he passes out afterward, they shank him in the stomach, cut off his head, and deliver it to Sun Quan.

So uuhhh we just lost Zhang Fei too. Really been Game of Thrones-ing it these past couple chapters.

Liu Bei is about losing it at this point. He's now refusing to listen to well-renowned soothsayers that aren't even being vague in their predictions that this invasion against Wu is going to end disastrously. And when Zhang Fei's and Guan Yu's sons, Zhang Bao and Guan Xing, both show up to volunteer to lead the vanguard, Liu Bei makes them forge a pact of brotherhood with each other.

You know, because that worked out real well for him and all.

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