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Chapter 79: Pacing Issues

Considering all the important shit that's going on right now, this chapter basically accomplishes nothing, so I'm going to breeze through it.

Cao Pi's brothers maybe have designs about challenging him for the throne of Wei, but he deals with them no problem and the only real conflict here is when he makes his smartest brother create poetry on the fly. Absolutely riveting stuff.

Uh, Xiahou Dun passes away. Yu Jin does too, but you don't even remember who that is even though he was important like three or four chapters ago and Xiahou Dun hasn't been relevant since who-knows-when.

And Liu Bei finds out that his adopted son Liu Feng didn't give Guan Yu the help he requested. Following a series of misadventures (mostly where Liu Feng is invited to defect to Wei and he doesn't so he gets creamed in battle by Wei instead), Liu Bei has Liu Feng executed, and then feels kinda bad about it. But not, like, all that bad.

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