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Chapter 37: House Calls to a Dragon

On his way to go serve Cao Cao, Xu Shu stops in to see his mom. She gets very upset that he fell for Cao Cao's trick and left Liu Bei. In fact, she gets so upset that she smacks Xu Shu with her purse, and then hangs herself from the shame.

But Xu Shu just keeps working for Cao Cao I guess, even though he no longer has a reason to do so.

Meanwhile, the recluse from two chapters ago drops by Liu Bei's place as the latter is gearing up to go meet Zhuge Liang. The recluse wants to see Xu Shu, but Liu Bei tells him Xu Shu's mom asked him to go work for Cao Cao.

"Oh, well that was a trick," says the recluse, who is apparently really smart but not worth hiring.

Instead, Liu Bei asks the recluse about Zhuge Liang, and the recluse replies, oh, he's the best. Worth the hype.

But Liu Bei makes the trek out to Zhuge Liang's house, and he isn't home.

So he goes away, and comes back a few weeks later.

Still ain't home.

Meanwhile, each time he visits this village, he keeps hearing random people singing in the streets, and each time he says "ah, that must be Zhuge Liang!" for some reason, but it never is. It's always just a friend or family member.

And Liu Bei's second visit marks the end of the chapter, despite the chapter being titled "Liu Bei visits Zhuge Liang three times". I'll let you figure out what happens at the start of the next chapter.

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