Skep's Place


Chapter 40: No Ado (I Ain't No Rat, See)

Elizabeth finally gets to fill Jane in on the startling events that transpired at the very end of her stay with the Collinses, informing her of Mr. Darcy's proposal and his subsequent letter (although only mentioning the part concerning Mr. Wickham—goodness knows Jane doesn't need to find out how close she was to marrying Mr. Bingley).

Jane mostly just feels sorry for everybody involved, but Elizabeth is okay with this, figuring, well, if Jane is caring about everybody's feelings then I don't need to anymore. Still, Elizabeth does seek to gain Jane's input on one topic: whether they should tell everybody what they learned of Mr. Wickham.

They both agree that Mr. Darcy probably relayed this story in confidence, so outing Wickham themselves wouldn't be proper; and anyway, he'll be gone with the rest of the regiment in two weeks so it won't even matter anymore.

"Besides," says Jane, "maybe he's trying to be better."

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