Skep's Place


Chapter 28: No Ado Over Pigs, Turns Out

The carriage continues on from London the next day, and Elizabeth soon finds herself at the Collins' cottage at the very edge of Lady Catherine de Bourgh's estate.

There's really nothing to say about their reunion; it happens, Mr. Collins continues to be unbearable, and Charlotte somehow finds a way to bear it. It's a nicely-kept cottage on pretty land, and now I've basically just summarized a half-dozen paragraphs or so. Again, both Mr. Collins and Charlotte reiterate what a good-natured person Lady Catherine is.

Smash cut to the following afternoon, when Charlotte's sister bursts into Elizabeth's guest room in a complete tizzy, stating that something so major is going on that she can't even say what's happening, and that Elizabeth needs to come see. Elizabeth figures that with all the franticness, the pigs must have gotten loose; but when she goes outside, she sees it's just Lady Catherine's daughter sitting in a carriage, chatting idly with the Collinses, and all the fuss was really nothing.

Elizabeth remarks that it's rude of Miss de Bourgh to keep Charlotte standing out there in the cold wind rather than just come inside. On the other hand, she notices that the young woman does indeed look thin and sickly—a perfect match for mean Mr. Darcy indeed.

Miss de Bourgh soon rides off again, and Mr. Collins shares the good news with Elizabeth: they've all been invited over for dinner with Lady Catherine the following day.

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