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Chapter 25: More of the Same Ado

Mr. Collins peaces out for now. This leaves room at the Bennet estate for Elizabeth's aunt and uncle to drop by for a while. These are technically different people than the aunt and uncle who live in town that I mentioned a few times earlier, but also, it doesn't really matter so don't worry about it.

After some paragraphs filling in their aunt on the latest ados, Elizabeth spends some one-on-one time with Aunt Bennet talking about Jane and Mr. Bingley; again, we're largely treading old territory here. But Elizabeth does conspire with her aunt to have Jane stay with them in London a bit, to get her out of the house and get her mind off Bingley. Of course, Mr. Bingley is staying in London, but like, it's a big city, there's totally no way they'd cross paths.

Also, Mr. Wickham drops by. Aunt Bennet grew up near the Darcy estate of Pemberly—where Wickham grew up—and spends some time chatting him up. By the time they're done and Wickham recounts his tale of woe, she too agrees that Mr. Darcy kind of sucks; and at this point, Jane is really the only person who's still on the fence about the man's character; although really, what are the odds we're going to be seeing him again at this point?

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