Skep's Place


Chapter 12: Much Ado About Departing

Although Elizabeth writes to Mrs. Bennet the next day to send the carriage around so that she and Jane might go home, Mrs. Bennet sees no reason to remove Jane from Mr. Bingley's house, so she does nothing. This results in Jane asking Mr. Bingley to borrow his carriage to leave immediately, which prompts Miss Bingley to ask them to remain one night longer.

Although they agree to this, nobody is actually happy about the extra night, save for Mr. Bingley; Miss Bingley is jealous of Elizabeth's presence, Mr. Darcy doesn't want to get any more attracted to Elizabeth than he already is, Elizabeth despises both of them, and Jane simply doesn't want to impose.

Since everybody is miserable at the arrangement, the night passes uneventfully, and Jane and Elizabeth return home the next day. Mrs. Bennet is disappointed to see them home so soon, but Mr. Bennet is inwardly pleased, finding that conversation over dinner had become markedly less intelligent without them.

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