Skep's Place


Chapter 5: Some Ado About the Ado

The next day, the Bennets have their good friends, the Lucas family, drop by to gossip about the goings-on at the ball the previous evening. Mrs. Bennet points out that Charlotte Lucas—who happens to be a good companion to Elizabeth, despite being a few years older—had the honor of receiving the first dance with Mr. Bingley. Of course, Mrs. Bennet then acts "flattered" when Charlotte suggests that he liked Jane better, as though Mrs. Bennet hadn't the whole time been fishing for the chance to gloat a bit.

a picture of Mrs. Bennet

Mrs. Bennet

The conversation then turns to talking shit about Mr. Darcy, and how the man is overly proud and overly self-important, and how nobody should have to marry that man regardless of how rich he is. Charlotte points out that, well, he does have a high standing; that gives him the right to be a little proud. Elizabeth says, okay, that's fine and all, but everybody knows that it's bad form to punch down when you insult somebody.

Then Mary "Buzzkill" Bennet interjects with some musings on pride versus vanity, which pretty much ends the conversation.

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