Skep's Place


Chapter 4: Little Ado About Anything

After the party, Jane and Elizabeth have a sisterly chat; Jane is quite enamored with Mr. Bingley, and Elizabeth cannot find any fault with the man (except that he's a man, which carries quite a lot of unfortunate baggage by itself). Jane even compliments Mr. Bingley's sisters, although at this Elizabeth has to express some doubts—Jane, perhaps, thinks well of everybody, while Elizabeth found the Bingley sisters to be occasionally stuck-up like the asshat Darcy.

In truth, Austen tells us (her narrative style falling into something I like to call "omniscience when convenient"), the sisters fall somewhere in between Bingley and Darcy on the snobbery scale; in that they might think a little too highly of themselves, but in general they weren't always unpleasant to be around. In fact, although they agree with Mr. Darcy's assessment that Jane smiles too much, they seem to like the woman overall, and essentially give Mr. Bingley the green light to keep seeing her.

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