Skep's Place


Chapter 2: More Ado About Bingley

A few weeks later, the Bennet family is spending the evening in each other's company. Mr. Bennet notices Elizabeth sewing a new hat for an upcoming ball, and comments that he hopes Mr. Bingley will like it. Mrs. Bennet gets frustrated, wondering how they're supposed to know what Mr. Bingley likes since, Mr. Bennet, they haven't been acquainted yet.

Elizabeth points out that one of their neighbors has promised to introduce their family to Mr. Bingley, but Mrs. Bennet knows that's a lie—since this neighbor happens to have two eligible nieces of her own who don't need the competition—and anyway, this neighbor won't even be back from a trip in time to meet Mr. Bingley first, so how could she introduce him?

Mr. Bennet then suggests, in that case, Mrs. Bennet could introduce Mr. Bingley to the neighbor instead; and if she doesn't he will, because the neighbor's nieces deserve to have a fair crack at the man too. Mrs. Bennet is appalled that he would even suggest such a thing, and gets grouchy, stating that, actually, she wants no more to do with Mr. Bingley.

Mr. Bennet says, well GEEZE, I wish you would have told me that before I went and visited him this morning!

Despite Mr. Bennet being a bit of a rascal, this revelation delights Mrs. Bennet (and the girls) and puts her at ease. Before long, she's speculating which of her daughters Mr. Bingley will dance with at the ball, suggesting it will be Lydia, despite her being the youngest.

Lydia remarks that it doesn't matter if she's the youngest, because she's also the tallest. Get used to Lydia's self-absorption, folks.

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